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Graphic Print & Signs Dungarvan

Matt Houlihan is delighted to share the fact that 2017 marks his 17th anniversary in the Design Print Business – and he’s launching a new venture – Graphic Print – a family owned and run business that will deliver better value and results for his clients. Looking back at his time in the print business, Matt remembers opening his first shop in Lismore, taking over ‘Lismore Printing Works’ and preserving its fine century-old tradition of top quality print. Five years later, Matt acquired ‘Shandon Printing Works’ in Mitchell Street, Dungarvan and 2007 saw major move to a new building in Dungarvan. Matt firmly believes in progress and has turned his attention to the pursuit of a new way of working. Making better use of a skilled network of like-minded print and design specialists, Matt is able to deliver a superlative service and better value pricing. Such a new way of working deserves a new name – say hello to Graphic Print and Signs. Like every other commercial entity in the country, Matt too has weathered tough economic times in the recent years but, following a separation and relaunch, Matt is going from strength to strength, emerging from the storm with resilience, pride and a fresh approach to the Design Sign and Printing requirements of the modern business environment. Understanding that business needs have changed, Matt has gone much further than simply bringing more products on board. Partnering with the best in industry allows Matt to take care of every element of commercial or private print and design requirements. Underpinning Matt’s new approach is his investment in creating a cooperative of designers, printers and signwriters who come together to produce a valuable product for the customer. Sharing over 26 years’ experience and a huge range of products and people, Matt is bringing a complete service partnership together and passing big savings on to customers on an ongoing basis. Reaching out to his valued clients, Matt said, “Over the last few years we have watched many of our loyal clients struggle to hold on, some attributing their survival to our fresh branding and signage – the ultimate act of faith in the face of challenge. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your business in the past and sincerely thank you for your ongoing business and, respectfully, invite you request a quote from us for your design, print, sign, display needs in the future.”Proud of a long association with the print and design marketing, Matt guarantees that the expertise, professionalism, experience and great prices of Graphic Print and Signs will not be equalled. Graphic Print and Signs truly believe in keeping business local and we urge you to give us the opportunity to help you do the same.  Please feel free to contact us at or call 058 73140 mobile 086 8258471

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